About escapeinc

Two things unite divers the world over – a passion for nature, and a love for adventure. Today, discerning divers seek not only seek the best pelagic experiences, but have rightly come to expect excellent service and uncompromising safety standards. Recognizing the need to raise the bar on services for the diving community, escapeinc came into inception in the year 2000.



escapeinc has traveled South-East Asia extensively to discover her precious treasures and share them with you. We have gone off the beaten trail and taken the roads less traveled in order to uncover pristine territories; all this while ensuring that site preservation is the order of the day.

Our uncompromising attitude in delivering the ultimate diving experience makes us your partner of choice for all your needs. Talk to us today to learn how we can help you experience the best in diving.

Always Searching & Never Destroying.



About Imran Ahmad, proprietor

An encounter with Imran Ahmad is likely to be one you will remember.

Imran would probably greet you with a smile and a firm handshake. Your banter with him would be flavoured with stories and anecdotes aplenty; about the ride out to a beautiful Indonesian island at daybreak, a magical encounter with a rare creature of the sea, the day of a perfect storm, or perhaps, the time he discovered a macro site and christened it Megamall.


You see, under his rugged, outdoorsy persona is a passionate lover of the sea who is tireless in sharing its wonders with everyone he meets. Now, combine this love of the sea with an immense affection for photography – this is the essence of Imran Ahmad.

The sea had always held a strong fascination on Imran, even as a child who frequented seasides and islands with his father. From a tender age, he harbored dreams of taking the path less traveled, exploring open waters and getting intimate with its inhabitants. Slowly but surely, he pursued his dream relentlessly and turned it into what is now escapeinc.

In the beginning, Imran studied the techniques of scuba diving and eventually became a PADI Instructor. Eager for more, he spent some years as an apprentice with a dive service provider in Singapore, picking up the various tasks in running dive operations. By this time, Imran had become adept at educating divers, planning, preparing and leading dives, and sharing knowledge on marine life.

escapeinc came into inception shortly after, but by no means does Imran rest on his laurels. To date, Imran has logged more than 4000 dives in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore. Manado, Indonesia, has a special place in his heart, and he has guided more than 300 dive groups at this destination over the years. The numbers continue to grow.

For Imran, photography is inseparable from diving. Tinkering with cameras began at a tender age, influenced by his father’s own love for taking pictures. Eventually, Imran attended the SAE Technology College, Singapore, to study Digital Film and Media. Since then, he has developed his skills to a degree that allows him to satisfactorily practice photography and provide photo/video services to his clientele.

  Today, it’s not unusual for Imran to be equipped with multiple cameras on his trips, where he snaps and clicks away at the wonders that catch his eye.

On a personal level, Imran is guided by these principles: honor and honesty; diligence and perseverance. These same values shape his business ethics, which will continue to drive escapeinc towards greater success.

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